Use the power of your mind to lose weight. The only method that really works.

Losing weight is not about restrictive diets or excessive workouts in the gym. It's about changing unhealthy eating habits by changing the way you feel and how you choose to comfort or reward yourself. These choices are about how you think about yourself, food and your life in general.

Everyone wants to lose weight without forcing  themselves to eat less  and exercise more. When you do this you feel tired and hungry most of the time, and this strategy for losing weight does not work. Luckily there is a much better way to lose weight which is natural and easy, even enjoyable. Think Yourself Thin can show you how.  The very best way to lose weight is using the power of your mind  through VISUALIZATION, and the best reference for this method is "Think Yourself Thin" by Debbie Johnson. In this wonderfully written e-book you will learn to use visualization effectively, to change yourself for the better, inside and out.

You will eventually begin a comfortable exercise program (PACE, by Dr Al Sears.) and make more healthy food choices but it will be because you want to. It will feel natural; even enjoyable. Your subconscious mind will constantly but gently encourage you to do what is in your best interest to achieve the body you want for yourself. When you need comfort or deserve a reward, which we all do from time to time; doing something that may be unhealthy is not the wiesest choice you can make. You can always make better choices and we will offer advise and resources to help you achieve your goal without diets and excessive exercise. Check back weekly for more advise and encouragement and add us to your RSS.
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